Echo or Reverberation Problems? We Can Sort it Out!

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The noise of keyboards drowning out your employees? We can install sound reducing panels to ensure your work space remains peaceful!

Echoes getting you down? We can put unobtrusive panels on the walls or ceilings, in a choice of colours, to improve the sound of your events!

Struggling to hear your speakers? We can provide a bespoke solution for your space to make sure that you never miss a word again!


We are highly experienced and have worked for many commercial partners. From sound proofing offices, to TV studios, to providing electrical insulation for oil rigs, we are proud of the quality of our work.

Please look at examples of our commercial work below:


Rosewood Attenuation Panels (sometimes called Sound Reducing Panels) are 600mm x 1200mm x 50mm thick, easy to attach to walls and ceilings, and designed to reduce reverberation and echoes. They can be used in School Halls, Community Halls, Offices, Conference Venues or anywhere where sound reflects off the walls and ceilings and makes speech or music difficult to listen too.

All of our panels are manufactured in Scotland, provided in a standard size, avaliable in various colours and can either be supplied directly for you to fit, or fitted by us! We also offer free surveys, so please contact Roy Balfour on 07970 269879 if you have any questions!


We are proud to serve a wide variety of clients from individuals up to large multi-national companies such as:

Sky Atlantic, TV studio for the programme Fortitude

TV Studios Benghazi, Libya

Mercy Corps, European HQ, Edinburgh

Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

Womans Aid, Dundee

Thistle Foundation

Russian Embassy, Edinburgh

Rosevale Tavern, Glasgow

Auld Hoose, Public House, Kirkcaldy

And many, many more…

But don’t just listen to us, we’re proud to say that we are one of the top rated sound proofing companies in the country:

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